• Illustration

Safety Compliance Training


As a way of engaging learners, we created stimulating illustrations and visuals to ignite the dry material in Kognent’s online safety courses.

The Brief:

To create a unique character set and an illustrated world for which humans and scenarios could live that would instruct learners about safety matters such as manual handling and managing fatigue in the workplace.

The Process:

We created an initial set of character concepts to pitch to Kognent for different industry products as a way of gauging their aesthetic preferences and gaining feedback at the earliest stage.

After the first round, we found Kognent were more inclined towards a lack of facial detail (i.e. a bare face). After updating the concept and choosing the best-fitted style for the safety industry, we began creating the complete set of illustrations for the Manual Handling course. During this process, through each visual, we went through the phases of:

1. Reference imagery

Finding a real-world example of humans in a similar situation (if relevant)

2. Initial ideation

Where we laid out the foundations of the illustration’s form

3. Final sketch

Finalising the shapes and details of the human’s identity (if relevant), and finally

4. Colour blocking

Filling in colours and adding subtle lines of character for a bit of extra depth and definition.

The Result:

A dynamic collection of characters, environments, diagrams and symbols that boost the critical messaging of the training. Not only that, but when creating new courses, they also set a perfect foundation for further illustrations.