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Mould and Dust Awareness Online Training

Kognent / GCG Health Safety Hygiene

To improve engagement and aid in learning, we blended imagery and video with content to educate workers in the education, cleaning and defence force industries about mould and dust awareness and identification.

The Brief:

To create simple animations and illustrations to aid in the education around the dangers of mould and dust in our everyday lives.

The Process:

We began by creating a ‘style tile’ or ‘mood board’ to capture the sense of mood, colours and characters for the animations and course assets.

We then created two concepts of how the videos might look at different stages – one in a more subdued white and purple colour palette and another in a bolder blue and black colour palette.

Once Kognent and GCG agreed upon the aesthetic, we began designing the static course assets that would sit alongside the learning content. These vector-based illustrations went through a simple process of ‘shape blocking’ (what we like to call sketching on the computer for geometric based drawings) and then refinement for colours, lines and shading.

We then mocked up the animation video frames based on actual content and storyboards (developed by Kognent and GCG). Once we had final approval, the only thing left to do was animate the videos and give them a bit of extra zing.

The Result:

Video and dynamic imagery became a valuable tool to aid in the engaging and rapid presentation of information about how dangerous mould and dust can be to humans and how present it is in our everyday lives. We now have a collection of assets and animations that form a foundation for future learning.