When all your competitors are reaching for stock photography, harness the power and impact of custom illustration. Whether remixing stock illustrations to give your business an extra flavour or creating something entirely specialised to your brand, there are options for all industries and budgets. Make your business stand out anywhere: from your website, social media brand or brick-and-mortar store.

Where we use illustration

We create illustrations for a range of businesses. Maybe you’re looking to expand an idea or just stand out from the crowd; there are many ways to utilise custom artwork for your brand. A few ways we have helped our clients include:

Illustrations for online learning courses to further explain a topic

Icons for a website to visually represent a service

Visuals used in marketing to help stand out from competitors

Assets for animations to accompany key messaging from the brand

What we can do for you

Since illustration is such a broad term and can encompass many different things. Here are just some examples of what we can offer your business:

Icons for your website or app

Character designs

Minimalist web illustrations

Motion graphics assets

A few examples

Mining Compliance Training

A collection of components for characters, environments, diagrams and symbols that boost the critical messaging of training centred around mining

Mould and Dust Awareness

Videos featuring vibrant illustrations help inform audiences how dangerous mould and dust can be to humans and how present it is in our everyday lives

Aspects Glass Website Refresh

A minimalist icon series designed for a website refresh to communicate services to customers

Get in touch

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