About Us

Simpleism was formed in 2014 initially as a pseudonym portfolio for Brisbane based digital designer, Paige Di Bartolo. Since then, it has become a successful freelance agency for local small businesses. Simpleism is completely run and operated by Paige (👋🏻), who is helping businesses reach their goals with modern web & product design, uniquely tailored illustrations and diverse marketing solutions.

More about Paige…

Hey there! I’m Paige – the face behind Simpleism. I initially created Simpleism because I often found myself trying to articulate my design style in one word: minimalist but with a little “zing”. I was frustrated every time I wanted to use the word Simpleism because autocorrect would always pop up… so I broke the rules and created a new word.

While I’m not working, you can find me fiddling with home improvement (be it DIY in the backyard or finding the perfect coffee table). I enjoy spending time with my little family: my Husband Brandon, my son Tilian and my crazy “Chuggle” Pepsi and love bingeing TV, especially: Schitt’s Creek, Arrested Development, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Well enough about me… check out how I got to where I am today:


Gave birth to my beautiful son Tilian

Took some time off from work to spend time with my little family

Reinvigorated Simpleism to earn some extra money while on maternity leave


Started working at Liquid Interactive where I learnt how to work in a big team at a high-functioning design agency with a diverse range of clients and projects

Adopted our first fur child ‘Pepsi’ the Chuggle


Started working at Buckham & Duffy where I learnt how to own design in a small team while developing my skills in product/app design

Got married to my husband


Started working at Croomo

Lead design on the PrepL (world-first) online learning test for QLD learner drivers


Got engaged

Continued work at etrainu gaining more confidence and skills in web, marketing and motion graphics


Simpleism (known then as Simple-ism) was born

Started working at etrainu as a designer and developer where I learnt all about the online learning industry and how to design and develop high-quality work and meet tight deadlines

Graduated QUT with a Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in Interactive and Visual Design

Met my husband