About Us

Simpleism was formed in 2014 initially as a pseudonym portfolio for Brisbane based digital designer Paige Di Bartolo. Since then, it has become a successful freelance agency for local small businesses. Simpleism is lead by Paige and assisted by a small team of creatives to help organisations reach their goals with modern web & product design, uniquely tailored illustrations and diverse marketing solutions.

Meet the Team


Founder & All-Round Creative

Hey there! I’m Paige – Simpleism’s founder. I initially created Simpleism because I often found myself trying to articulate my design style in one word: minimalist but with a bit of “zing”. I was frustrated every time I wanted to use the word Simpleism because autocorrect would always pop up, so I broke the rules and created a new word.

While I’m not working, you can find me fiddling with home improvement (be it DIY in the backyard or finding the perfect coffee table).


Doggo & Chief Leg Warmer

As a dedicated and loyal part of the Simpleism team, Pepsi is responsible for keeping strangers at bay with her loud barking, licking toes and cleaning up crumbs from lunch.

When she’s not hard at work, you’ll find her burying her snoot in a warm elbow ditch, digging up the backyard at home and chewing on toddler toys. You might also catch her in action in the background of a Zoom meeting as she likes to make guest appearances from time to time.


Simpleism makes a comeback!

Paige reinvigorates Simpleism after coming back from maternity leave.


Continued Simpleism in the background.

As a personal achievement in her career, Paige lead the design and creative for PrepL, the world-first online test for QLD learner drivers.


Simpleism (known then as Simple-ism) was born, run and operated by Paige.

Paige worked small jobs here and there on contracted freelance projects while maintaining a full-time job in the design industry.